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Best Dam Photo Contest for kids 

"There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes." ~ Abraham Lincoln

Teach a child photography, and their curiosity and creativity will skyrocket. But teaching photography for kids isn’t quite the same as teaching photography to adults. Chances are, adults already have an idea of what a good photograph is supposed to look like. This sets the bar too high from the start. But kids? Kids are naturally curious and expressive. They don’t yet have the creativity-squashing rules in their minds. It’s more about allowing creativity to blossom.


  • Up to 11 yrs

  • 12 yrs. to 14 yrs.

  • 15 yrs. to 17 yrs.


  • Landscape/Waterscape: yard, park, lake, river, stream.

  • Insects/Wildlife: pets, or other interesting creatures.

  • Family/People:  friends, neighbors, sports.

"Actually, it's nature itself that creates the most beautiful pictures, I'm only choosing the perspective." ~ Katja Michael


  • Must be capable of being printed in a 4 x 6 format.

  • Digital images must be JPEG format

  • Must be your original work.

  • Must not contain nudity, copyrighted material, or illegal content. (G Rated is perfect!)

  • 1 entry per category per photographer. (limited to winning 1 category)

"It is no accident that the photographer becomes a photographer anymore than the lion tamer becomes a lion tamer." ~ Dorothea Lange


​In today’s rigid academic schedule, children often have their drawings and artwork graded. We will take a different approach with photography for kids. We will let the child know that photography is about being creative and showing other people how you see a particular situation or object. But a contest must have a guidelines. Points will be asigned for each of the following categories:


  • Creativity   

  • Technical Skills

  • Story telling 

  • Overall aesthetics

1 to 10 points possible for each category.

Each photographer will receive a personal review and critique to help encourage progress and promote excitement about photography.


  • Top performing photographs in each category/age group will be printed and displayed for peoples choice awards at local events. - TBD

  • First Place - TBD

  • Second Place - TBD

  • Third Place - TBD


Q. What kind of camera do I need to use?

     A. Any camera that produces a digital image capable of being printed in a 4"x6"      format (i.e., cellphone, dslr, point and shoot, mirrorless).  

Q. How much help can I receive from parents, friends, etc.? 

     A. We wish to see your original work and understand some controls require assistance.

Q. Does it cost anything to enter?

     A. No

Deadline to enter is July 31th 2021!

Safety - Be safe at all times; no image is worth getting hurt!!

"Don't we all know that art is dangerous. You play it - then you live it." ~ Stephan Balint

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